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Resolving Jittery & Unstable Text Boxes on Mobile Layouts

Hey all. I’m running into an issue and will break it down as follows:

Some of the text on my website is acting very jittery and unstable. The text will indent itself rightward and leftward. It appears to happen both involuntarily and also seems to be triggered when I scroll upward or downward.

It’s happening with the header text that I use in the hero sections of my website. It’s also only happening when viewing on mobile. Desktop seems to work just fine.

How can I stop this jittery and unstable movement? The goal here is to make it completely static and not move at all.

Here are some screenshots that I took showing the obvious difference in position of text (due to the movement that is happening without me prompting anything):

I’m not sure it 100% shows this via the Webflow Design Editor’s preview mode, but it definitely shows it on our live website here: (NOTE: Remember to view from a mobile device to see the issue… the issue is not present via desktop. The issue is present at the top of all our pages.)

I’ll add a link to the design editor read-only below.

Here is my site Read-Only:

The jittering doesn’t happen on my side (LG G7)

Maybe it’s a device-specific issue. What device are you using? Android or iOS? I’m using iOS.

My device is an Android