RESOLVED: Why can I no longer see ANY elements or edges on my canvas due to cookies being disabled

I can no longer see anything on the canvas, including when I drag new elements on it. Everything is invisible; there are not even any element edges visible. Help!?

Thanks so much Waldo and all! Waldo, I also emailed you earlier about this directly with more detail because the project is my resume site which I was planning to finish and submit today! (I’m Helena Babington who emailed with you this past week about the PST timezone position I’m very interested in.)

So a few more explanatory notes


  1. Invisible elements are listed in the Navigator panel.
  2. AND this prob exists for both sites I had begun; no elements or new element edges are visible any longer in either site.
  3. I wondered if the problem was the lower left visibility setting buttons, but the problem remains when I toggle them to either setting.
  4. I tried restoring the site in case I had accidentally deleted it but the problem remains.
  5. It is irrelevant to issue, but just want to explain why there are so few elements listed in Navigator; I had just started a redesign so had removed most elements and was ready to knock out the final design. I would have even started over but couldn’t see new element edges. I also didnt want to delete either existing design but only get two with the trial.

Anyway, not sure how it can help but here is one project link:

Attaching a screenshot too:

Thanks again y’all!

This sounds like really odd behavior @Babington, could you please update your post with some more information so we can help you faster? Things like your read-only link & screenshots really helps us to help you faster.

How to share a read-only link:

Thanks in advance!

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This might be unrelated, but for a brief moment a few hours ago I was setting conditional visibility on a collection list, and when I hit save, the whole canvas turned white (the tool was intact, just the canvas) including elements like a side nav (which had no connection to the conditional visibility)

Undo fixed it, gladly!

It’s not happened since, but i’ll update here if it happens again, in case it’s related.

(Chrome 67 - Incognito Mode)

Hi Waldo! I just updated my post per your request. Thanks so much!

@Babington are you by chance running any browser extensions like ad blockers? It looks like the canvas isn’t loading in the Designer and typically browser extensions like ad blockers cause this behavior.

A quick way to check is to open the Designer in Incognito mode with all browser extensions turned off. Please let me know if this resolves the issue for you! :bowing_man:‍♂️

  1. In order to use Webflow, I had already disabled my adblocker last week on all sites. Also, today I had disabled my other 2 extensions.

  2. In Incognito mode, all elements and new actions I take are still invisible in Canvas but not Navigator.

  3. I have one visible item in assets, an image. (It should be visible in designer as listed in Navigator but isn’t.) When I drag it again from Assets onto Canvas, it shows a new listing in the Navigator but still isn’t visible on the canvas. The canvas stays empty just as it looks to you in read-only and the screen shot where I included the Nav list.)

  4. FYI: Ive been working on these 2 canvases/designs in Webflow off and on all week, teaching myself the app, and have had no such buggy problems at all. I even worked some earlier today and it worked as fine as always. But after I returned later today to finish resume site, I closed everything and rebooted my iMac because it was operating slowly. (It’s old and I hadn’t shut down/restarted my system in days. The OS is El Capitan 10.11.6; for the first time ever I can’t update to latest OS. But again, I’ve been working in Webflow successfully all week. And have no probs with other apps.)

Before closing Chrome, I saved a number of open Webflow pages into a single bookmark folder. It was when I reopened them that I discovered the problem. I was concluding that I must have lost all my design elements from not saving before closing, but then discovered I couldnt see either project (including one I hadn’t even opened today), nor any new elements dragged onto canvas of either project. I tried to restore from your auto-save system but problem remained. I logged out and logged in from a new tab rather than my bookmark, but problem persisted.

  1. Perhaps I will have to create a new account with a different email address and start over, but worry the destructive, time-consuming prob will just recur. I may have no other option?

Hi again Waldo and all,

Well… it’s all working now! I decided to reboot computer again. When I then launched Chrome with all extensions still off and logged in to Webflow. I then noticed the tiny Chrome address bar notification that Webflow wasn’t being allowed to set cookies. I changed that to allow WF to always set cookies and then logged in again. Everything loaded visibly! I have no idea why since I had not changed the cookie setting for WF at any time today or all week and it always worked until earlier as detailed.

Anyway, it seems to be working fine so I’ll finish site tomorrow. I can only hope the opportunity remains because I’m still eagerly interested!

Meanwhile thanks to you who probably was trying to have some time off on a Sunday, and to Dave who had responded in detail by email to my support desk email, which I thought I wouldn’t receive until tomorrow since the site states the desk is only open M-Fri. So in conclusion, Y’ALL JUST SIMPLY ROCK! :clap::clap::star_struck:

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