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[Resolved] Webflow crashes whenever I select display setting

I’ve been going all day then this happens. Help…

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Oh god yes! This same issue in the last hour or so! Hopefully WF is in the process of updating stuff not breaking it!

@dram Is it only happening to you while using IX2?

Yes, sir! And only when trying to modify hide/show interaction

Hi @weareconplex that is very interesting. I’m happy to help look into this.

Can you please send me the following so I can take a closer look?
• Description of what you’re experiencing (include names of site, pages, elements, classes, interactions, etc)
• Environment info that you’re experiencing trouble on (include your exact browser version, device model, operating system version, etc)

I’ll be standing by for your response.


Now, I’m having the same issue when I press delete.

Ooops, just posted about this, too. Having similar issues.

I’m having an interesting experience with Interactions that target an HTML Embed.
The Embed houses a MailChimp newsletter form (and for the first time, an embed is actually rendering in Designer. That’s a first!).
What I’m trying to do, essentially:

When I created a button above it that would allow people to click to expand the subscribe form, I get all the way to the point where select the embed, to add it as a targeted element in the Interactions panel successfully. But once I click on “Display:none” to create the initial state the entire :webflow_heart: Designer goes all grey/white. Stuck.
My project needs to remain private as it’s for a client, but let me know if you’re able to reproduce this out there.

For now, I’m skipping transitions on it.

@weareconplex - very similar to an crash / error that I got about a week ago :frowning:

I stopped using IX2 shortly after that… went back to IX1

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The team will be looking into this issue soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I’ll post to this thread with updates as soon as I get them.

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Came here to report the same thing!

Using Chrome version 62 on Mac Sierra 10.12.6. Was trying to create a loading screen on the home page, but when I tried to change the display settings on the Interaction, Webflow crashes, showing that same white box and grey background. I was just trying to set a display setting for the loading screen.

Here’s my public link for the WIP but I’m probably going to remove the loading screen

“Good news everyone!” – Professor Farnsworth

A fix has been made and will be deployed very soon. Thanks again for your patience :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update @PixelGeek

This :bug: has been squashed. Thanks again for everyone’s patience.


Can confirm, works fine from now on. Thank you!


Works fine from now on. Thank you very much.

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