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RESOLVED: Tutorial Videos Not Working

Our IT department installed a security extension into Chrome that was blocking these videos.

The Full Course and Interactions Videos at are no longer working due to some privacy restrictions. Are these hosted elsewhere so I can watch them? I’ve been to both Vimeo and YouTube and can’t find them. Are there are third party tutorials somewhere from advanced users?

I can view them perfectly well on my end (just checked).
The videos I must note are set to Unlisted (on YouTube at least).

I must note that I am logged into Vimeo, but I’m not sure if that’s the reason why I am able to view them.

Also, I believe the Webflow team is working on a new set of tutorials based on the current interface, but there’s no ETA on when that’s ready. Perhaps someone more qualified can answer them here.

You can view this one?

Yes, I can.

Are you logged in to Vimeo?

And here is what I see.

I’m not logged into Vimeo. Though I tried it again and same issue. Although I can’t figure out why you’d need to be logged into Vimeo if these are embedded on Webflow.

Basically, the video is telling you to add the Dropdown widget to the Navbar.

If you have questions regarding that you may post them here!

I figured out the problem. Our IT dept. added some security settings to Chrome and that was blocking the videos. All good.

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