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[RESOLVED] Trouble with performance on site


does anyone else has a problem with Webflow today? It works really slow, unable to save changes. Publishing site takes much longer than normal. There is no way to generate fake content in CMS. Anyone? Or just me? :frowning:

Hi @MaciejIVE, sorry to hear about the trouble with the site. One thing to check is the amount of heavy images used on the site, and also to try to limit the number of css classes and elements being used on each page.

It also helps to clear the unused styles on the site from the Style Manager.

You can create fake content for collections from the collection editor:

Is the issue that you try to create new fake items and you get some error? Does the site have a hosting subscription or are you on the free staging hosting?

If you would like to share the link to the site and contact support, we can help take a look: (or provide that link here if you wish to share publicly).

Thanks in advance

Ok @cyberdave it Was my ISP :confused: Sorry :slight_smile:

Hi @MaciejIVE, no problem, thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

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