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[RESOLVED] Trouble re-ordering pages

Hi @cjroe,

The first thing to check is if any of the steps listed in the bug report page helps to resolve the issue.

Many times disabling browser extensions or plugins will help to resolve the issue.

If the issue persists could you help to share:

  1. Read-only link to site
  2. Browser information (go to, copy the anonymous link and past that here)

If you would like to share this info directly with the support team, feel free to do so on the contact page.

Thanks in advance.

Looks like it’s working fine for me:

Can you verify if extensions are not causing that? Also would be great to get more info as Dave stated above.


I have 20+ chrome extensions. You want me to disable them all to test this bug?

If you test that in Incognito Mode (⌘+⇧+N) your extensions will be disabled by default :slight_smile: And yes, please test with extensions disabled (ideally on Incognito Mode).

Nope Incognito doesn’t fix it. I’m still not able to re-order pages.

Can you please send us a read-only link?

This seems to be fixed now.

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