[RESOLVED] Transitions stopped working on individually classed text spans

I noticed this past week that transitions stopped working on individually classed text spans. Historically they did. Is this a bug, or an issue with my thinking?

each text span transitions the fade in and out, but not the movement. The four square divs below use the same transitions that are applied to the text over the photo. The movement no longer works on these spans.

If I break the text into individual objects they do work of course - but it is a bit more work.



This affects all sites even previously published legacy sites.

@McGuire, ! adapted that layout to attempt to conquer another. Take a look if you get a chance. And thanks so much for all the people you help on the boards. Greatly appreciated!

Hey @vlogic, thanks for the shout out! I am observing the same behavior you’re mentioning. Try setting the span class to inline block:

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Perfect! - (though the example transitions I chose go nuts bouncing up and down as they get all confused about the position and bounce).

I really appreciate the help @McGuire!

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