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RESOLVED– Tabs menu text not centering on mobile

Hi Webflow Community,

I’m viewing my site on an iPhone 6 but whenever I click one of the tabs in my ‘Services’ section it throws off the text centering (See screen below). I’ve played around in the designer to no avail. Any help would be appreciated.


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Looks fine on my phone. Did you fix it already?

Hi @neil11, Looks good to me on my end:

Thanks @cyberdave & @sabanna, I appreciate you checking. I still have the issue on my end but I feel better knowing that it’s working right for others. It’s a relatively minor problem anyway.

Hi @neil11, I took another look, because that seemed a little odd, and it looks like there is a current class difference between the mobile landscape and mobile portrait, that seems to be different. I changed the current class for the active tab on mobile portrait, and then it looks correct on iphone.

Here is a quick video, I hope it helps, let me know:

Thanks for giving this a second look @cyberdave. I tried your suggestion, unfortunately, it’s still giving me issues. Specifically, the text starts off centered:

But once I click to another tab. The active link pushes right and the one I just clicked off pushes left:

Really strange, especially if it’s only doing this on my phone.

Hi @neil11, sorry, on the tab link with current class on mobile portrait view, also change the left and right margin to 3px and then republish.

It is not only happening on your phone @neil11, I am able to observe the behavior.

Let me know after changing left and right margin, I will take another look!


Thanks @cyberdave it is working! I originally manually typed in the 3px and it didn’t work but then I just tried clearing the style so that it pulls the landscape properties directly and that did the trick! Thank you!

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Hi @neil11, thanks for letting me know, I was just checking that again, and now it seems ok :slight_smile:

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