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[resolved] Share section of website on social media

Hi there!

I am creating an one page webpage and i have a question i can’t seem to find the answers to. I hope you can help me.

My page is divided in several sections. I would like to add social media share buttons to each section and when you click on the share button it will only share the content of that section. Is this possible?

I really hope you can help me. This is part of my graduation project and i want it to be as complete as possible :).

Thank you very much!

You can link directly to sections, to begin with. Give a unique ID to each section in the settings tab and then link to them using a link like this:

So if you find a Facebook script/snippet where you can specify the back taget URL, you can use these links to target your sections. It’s unclear how fb will handled it though. FB will only return the name of the page and image set in metas, will, I think, be the same datas for every section.

Thanks for you reply!

I just tried to link directly to a sections of my page, but it won’t work. The url of my website is The page is Home and the section name is ggz. So that would be right? I doesn’t go anywhere. Did i do something wrong with the url?

No but to begin with your url without the “#section” must work and yours doesn’t (:

So this doesnt work:

This works:

So this should work:

Yes! That works Vincent! Thanks so much :smiley:

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