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[Resolved] Need help with fixed sidebar scrolling

I made a sidebar that scrolls just fine upon preview but the published version (when tested on tablets and phones) GETS STUCK…how is this possible?

Anyone know of a fix?

Can you also share a link to the published version so we can recreate the behavior on our end? :slight_smile:

Edit: Also, you can fix the overhang on your VIR WORDS object on tablet view by setting the width to 100% instead of using fixed pixels.

Sure thing :slight_smile:

Thanks! Will test and get back to you.

Edit: Can you give some more info regarding the expected behavior and what you’re seeing instead? On iPad Air 2 (iOS 9.3) the sidebar seems to stay fixed.

I’m testing on Apple iPhone 5 iOS 6.0

Expected behavior: sidebar scrolls from beginning position at top of page (underneath hero section) down to the bottom; scrolls with page

View the difference when scrolling in preview then testing on the aforementioned phone:

I think I might have fixed it :slight_smile: I had it’s position offset way too far down…thanks for looking into it though!

wait false alarm…now it doesn’t work in landscape mode ;(

Well that’s because you’re pushing it down 174 pixels. Change the sidebar positioning in mobile landscape to be 0 pixels or at least something a lot less than 174. Then go to mobile portrait and adjust back to 176 for that.

Gotcha…I wanted for it to start lower but the screen just won’t allow…possibly I’ll change the size of the sidebar but for now, bringing it all the way up to 0 position has worked thank you :slight_smile:

No problem. Alternatively, you could do this so it sticks to the bottom-left in mobile landscape! :sunglasses:

well isn’t that sexy woots ty looks better your way!

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