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[Resolved] Navbar Symbol Aligning Wrong in Explorer 11.0.20 (Exported Site)

Hello All! First post here and new to Webflow.

I just did a “test” export on a site.

Everything seems to be working correctly in Firefox, but when I view in
Explorer, the Navbar aligns left outside of the content wrapper and is
therefore not aligned with the rest of the site.

Using Explorer Version:

The testsite link is currently:

Here is a screen print of the navigator…
Is it possible that the Navbar symbol should be inside the navbar
Section rather than having the section be part of the symbol? I have a section,
container then the navbar with a container inside….

Also a screen print showing what it looks like in Explorer:

Thanks for any help you can give!

Can you please share your project’s public link so it’s easier to understand your issue?

Learn how to do it here:

Here is the link:

I tried to make a change to see if it would resolve the problem but it didn’t. (I made a section and a container in which I placed the navbar symbol. That didn’t make any change to what I’m seeing in Explorer.

Re-visiting as I’ve tried several things that haven’t worked. And under deadline or course :sweat_smile:

Hoping someone will have a cure for this!

Hello @sstrantz1

I did some digging for you.

Try this:

Here is how i found this (hopefully a) solution:

Thanks! That did it! :smile:


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Well… almost resolved…

When I looked at it this morning, the Explorer is cutting off part of the top nav now. Here is a new link to where you can see it live in the test:

I’m going to try working on it this morning… anyone have any ideas on this one?

Looking again, I think perhaps it was a glitch in the view on explorer. There seemed to be some kind of placeholder for a menu at the top of the window for some reason. I’ll keep my eye on it and report back if there is any other issue.

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