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Resolved: Nav Hover Interactions

I’ve created an interaction for the menu items triggered by hoovering over the items. The interactions will show the menu item underlined. It all works fine, but when I scroll into my second section, it suddenly doesnt work for the menue Item Start anymore. Any ideas how to fix this?

Thanks for your help!

Hi @jensvahle great question!

It looks like your nav link was being styled while it was in the current state, so the hover styles are only occurring when that link is in the current state:

I’d recommend just removing the class name from it and giving it the same class name as your second nav link which is nav link 2

You can also rename your nav link and apply the same class to all of your nav links so as to not have several classes for the same styles:

Hi Waldo,

this is working! Thank you!

Any chance you can help me with this issue: Background Color Cycle

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