[RESOLVED] Name field limit too short


The default name field limit of 60 characters for a collection item is too short for us. We have very long post titles and would like to fully display them. Is there any option this could be removed?

Also, do dynamic pages count within the plan page limit?


Hey @davidvm,

Just add another data field to the collection to use as the name (use the plain text field and set a character limit of your choosing).

It is kept to 60 characters as the name is used to create the web address for that page.

Dynamic pages DO NOT count to your page limit (which is super awesome). :smile:

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Waldo :slight_smile:

Thanks Waldo,

In that case the limit should be on the auto slug field. If the name is too long, it should just stop at 60 (if that limit is really necessary and could not be removed at all or extended), and that way I could easily enter my full title and don’t have to duplicate things.

I already tried adding an extra field for name before, and that could work, but we would still need to enter it on both fields, in order to have them display correctly on the items list and be able to manage them. It would be great if the suggested change could be possible.

No limit on dynamic pages is great.



Great points @davidvm :slight_smile: I know that the team is working on a solution for this. :smile:

Thank you,


Sounds great, thanks!

@davidvm We’ve changed the limit to 120 - give it a whirl and let us know if that works for you :smile:

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Hi @callmevlad, that’s great, unfortunately it’s still too short for many of our titles, which go to 130-150 or more. This is for our news section, and we have like 80 existing news items we want to convert into the new dynamic pages. I suppose we could try breaking those titles into a subtitle, specially for new items, and keeping them within the limit, but for existing ones, that’s what we currently have. Curiously, the existing static pages take those long URLs.


Hi guys, any word on whether this limit could be raised a bit more?


@Waldo @callmevlad