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[Resolved] Mysterious white padding/border?

Hi all,

I’ve been working on a portfolio site ( for some time, and this isn’t my comfort zone so I apologize in advance if its a bit of a clusterf**k. Its live here:

I have dark green/transparent hovers on my thumbnails that are meant to fill each thumbnail space to 100% height and width. This seems to work fine at smaller sizes (window sizes on my 17" laptop for example) but I see a white border or some kind of padding on the right and bottom of the hover at larger sizes, like on my 27" imac. Is anyone else seeing that? Anyone know where it’s coming from? I really appreciate the help!

Hey there,

Your overflow is set to scroll. You probably want to set it to hidden.

Hope this helps


Thanks, Alex! This almost certainly should have occurred to me!

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