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[resolved] My website's container size seems to be smaller than the other sites

Hi there. I have been exploring Webflow for a few days and is trying to build my own website. I don’t know if I’m being paranoid or not but the my container’s size seems to be smaller than other websites built by Webflow. Here are some screenshots comparing the differences:

My website:

Template website:

It seems a little smaller than how it’s supposed to be, thus making the content really awkward. I put the elements in the container as usual. It is such a noob question but I hope that someone could help me answer the question. Thanks very much.

Hi Webflow containers are 940px wide. Your site is like other webflow sites.

Check the ZOOM in your browser, if you thing things are small maybe you’ve activated the zoom for this page without noticing.

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Hi thanks for your fast reply. I guess it’s my fault then, even though I don’t remember having zoomed the browser. Anyway I’m glad there is no problem. Thanks a lot.

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