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RESOLVED: Javascript help: changing paragraph contents on dropdown selection

Hi guys

Hopefully one of you can help me!

I’ve created a form using webflow elements. Here is the page:

The first element is a select field. Each option has a numeric value (1 to 8).

What I want to do is change the text in a paragraph depending on which dropdown option is selected. So if you select the first dropdown option is displays a brief overview, if you select the 2nd option it changes to describe that option and so on.

I’ve tried a few different bits of code from JS Fiddle and Stack Overflow but i’m struggling to get something that works!

Thanks in advance


Managed to resolve this myself after a few hours of Javascript hell :slight_smile:

Been there too much myself :wink:

Nice to hear you managed to resolve it. So much more rewarding when you find it yourself isn´t it :smiley: