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[Resolved] Is this a bug? Designer goes Grey! Need Reload on Both Safari & Chrome

I’m adding loom capture below. It is happening on both Safari and Chrome. It seems to be happening when i click on the some specific div block. Picture below.



I needed to open console in separate window to make the mistake again. When I open console and designer in the same window. The bug did not happen.

Here is chrome console log : Fullscreen_6_12_2017_03_57

Is happening with me as well, with all the sites. I can’t figure out what is causing it or how to reproduce it. Sometimes is with certain elements and some others with other elements.

Hi @aaronocampo @Dogukan_Uzak

We are aware of this issue and will look into it shortly. Sorry for this issue. I’ll reply on this thread with any and all updates.

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I thought it was my connection. @PixelGeek It’s everytime I go for the padding on the control panel with me. Not sure if that helps!

It’s 1.30am here. Probably a sign I should get some sleep :crazy_face:


I’m basically in the same spot as @magicmark. However, it’s only when I select a lightbox and try to hover over the margins and padding controller. I can hover over and use the controller when I have any other element selected.

Thanks to everyone for your patience. A fix is going live in 15 minutes


Fix is live. Thanks for your patience. :slight_smile:


this was fast. awesome man, thanks.

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