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[Resolved] Image link and anchors not working

Hi there,
I am having a couple problems I can not seem to find a solution for.

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(1) Nav Links Not Working
So I created a custom nav. If you click on the “earth” icon you will see image nav icons appear.
(A) Is there no way just to link images and anchor to a section?
(B) I know one way of achieving this is using the “link blocks” but even when I use them I go to the setting to link it to a specific section of the page and nothing shows up in the sections drop down?

(2) Linking Image
Going off of that top point is there no way to assign links to a container? If you scroll to the portfolio section of my site for instance, adding an outbound link to my container / image.

Lastly, is it just easier to add the links directly to the code? (May be a stupid comment) I see where you can view a snippet and export it but is there any other way to edit the code directly on Webflow, not using the CSS override in the dashboard.

Thank you,

Hi @LukeB, thanks for your post, there was a couple of things I thought I would go over in a video, I hope it helps.

Some points to consider:

  1. Set the IDs for to sections to link to them
  2. Give your Nav Bar a div type of NAV from the settings (gear icon).
  3. Create link blocks in your Nav Bar and insert your nav images to those link blocks. You can create links to sections if you have completed step #1.
  4. Tip, if you do not have much content in the last section, then give the last contact section some extra padding to allow the section top to scroll to the top of the browser window.

You cannot at the moment link direct from an image to a target url, section etc. You need to place your content you want to link to inside a link block.

When Looking back at your post, I think you wanted to link your individual portfolio containers (the 4 of them) and not the whole portfolio section to be linked. those portfolio containers are columns. It is not possible to place columns directly in link blocks. Rows can be placed inside of link blocks.

To get the effect you want with 4 portfolio links, try to first clear the classes on the columns. Next, put a link block inside of each one of those columns. Finally, assign background images to each link block.

You can use html links if you use the html embed widget :slight_smile: You can also use the embed widget for custom javascript code.

We do not have an inline code editor yet, but it is a good idea, we have had others also bring that up in earlier feature wish list requests.

Cheers, Dave

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