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[resolved] How to format for the mobile device view?

all the formatting on mobile version has disappeared!

Hi what do you mean? Have yo formatted the content specifically for mobile devices as you’re supposed to?

nevermind I panicked.

I fixed it.

I made a duplicate mobile page and adjusted the content wrapper universal class and thats why it looked like that.

Had to eyeball the fix though.

but im still having trouble resizing one slider image to fit the mobile site (see attached)

same link as before

What is the issue exactly? You would like your slider to fit the height of the screen perfectly?

id like to shrink it down 25% to get more of the image into the window

You need to select the Slider element and make it shorter for Mobile.

Then select the slide and set its background to Cover.

Thank you…It was hard to find documentation on that.

Have you watched all the video tutorials? It’s not that long, and extremely instructive. Glad it helped though.

I watched about 90% and jumped in. Its not till about 100% completion did I go back and tweak. This was one of the tweaks I could not remember getting from a video tutorial.

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