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[resolved] How do I disable form action and redirect? ( figured it out! )

Hello! I am using webflow to quickly recreate nice looking html and css quickly. I made a form with some input fields in webflow. I exported the code from webflow to use all the css, html and animations. But now I don’t want the form to do anything like redirecting the page(thus losing the form data), or submitting the data to webflow. I have my own Javascript function I call with the submit button. But it doesn’t work because the webflow js/jquery keeps redirecting my form page and creating a http request, which I don’t need it to do. How do I disable these functions without breaking the webflow code? ( like interactions )

For any lost souls out there with the same problem.
Put your function with ‘onsubmit’ in the tag.


In your function use the following code to prevent the page from generating a request
and resetting your form:


    event.returnValue = false;


I was unable to get this to work for me. It just redirects to the action url…

Hi, probably an easier method, is to set the Action property of the form to a Hashtag “#” (without the quotes. Or you can also use the javascript void function as the html link:


Hopefully this helps, if not, let me know and I am happy to take a further look :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave

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