[RESOLVED] ENTER key submits forms - is it possible to disable?


Is it possible to either disable the ‘ENTER’ key on forms, or to make it just move to the next line of text?
I’ve found a few other forum posts asking about that from months ago, without any answers.


Hi @ecmho0 - this seems to be standard HTML5 <form> behavior across all browsers, and seems to be a best practice (E.g. The Enter Key should Submit Forms, Stop Suppressing it). We’d like to understand the problem you’re trying to solve, since we’re really hesitant to deviate from a cross-browser standard like that.

Thanks for replying.

My concern is that visitors will hit enter to either move to the next field of a form,
or (in a larger text box that is part of a form) hit enter to start a new line,
and in both cases accidently submitting partially filled forms.
Hope that makes sense.

In this case are the next fields required? Or optional?

Okay right so if they’re all required this will prevent the first example (pressing enter in order to move to next field),
however if the last field is a ‘message’ box, that a visitor may write a few sentences in,
hitting enter would still submit the form prematurely.
I guess putting any other field AFTER the message box will solve the issue.

Well that’s good enough for me, thanks for helping me figure it out!

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