[RESOLVED] Editor Keeps Crashing When Adding Slides to Slider

My editor keeps crashing when trying to add slides in a slider. The screen goes blank and I get this error pop-up:


But when I select OK there is no feedback popup, just more blank screen. I then have to refresh/leave the site, and lose the work as I then get a message saying that the project cannot be saved. It then seems as though I’ve been auto-logged out?

I’ve tried clearing my history/cache, and logging back in, but it keeps happening.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hi @matt.bryant Happy to help with this.

Can you post your read-only link please?

LOL I realized I forgot to include the read-only link and you beat me to it. Link added. I don’t know how to link to a specific page in the project, as the shared read-only link goes only to the main site home page. The page with the slider where I am having the issue is called BLOC Lamp - Blue Burst

UPDATE: Ok I sort of figured out the issue. I’m adding images as backgrounds for each slide, which is fine, and that means they each need a class name, which is also fine. But as I kept adding and deleting slide background images, I neglected to ‘clean up’ the associated class names that are auto-generated when you add the background image, so they would just keep progressively adding up in the project class tree as I experimented with adding and deleting images to figure out what I wanted in the slider. So the editor would crash when I would go to insert what the slider thought was, say, Slide No. 3, but the project master class list thought it was maybe Slide No. 15. Something with that class vs. slide naming conflict causes the crash, with no chance to save the work. Once I cleaned up all the unused class names (for example Slide No. 3 in the slider now = Slide No. 3 class name in the project class tree), all is right with the world and the slider works as it should. I’m slowly learning the things to look out for!

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