[RESOLVED] Can't change background colour

Suddenly since this morning I can’t change the fill colour of some divs. The colour on the palette changes but the colour filling the div doesn’t. As I say it has only just started happening. I’ve created a page with just a “red” dic which appears grey whatever you do to it. Here’s my read only link:https://preview.webflow.com/preview/rs-2015-fix?preview=f357c94e17bf817245a5ea2179258fc2

as I was writing this the problem somehow resolved itself but I’ve spent the last 20mins trying to resolve it.

And now it’s happening again!!! What’s going on? This is unusable right now

So far it goes: I change the colour fill of an object, let’s say blue, this isn’t reflected on the object but it is in the palette. I quit webflow and start again. My colour change (blue) is reflected on the object. Now I try to change the fill again and I experience the same problem, the colour change is not reflected until I restart webflow. This needs a solution ASAP!

Now it’s happening with divs, text etc… I’m getting increasingly frustrated!

Hey @Mowgli

The issue seems to be just with you works perfectly for me can you provide more information like:

  • What browser are you using and version
  • What os and version are you using
  • Screenshots or Screen casts

This information will help the Webflow staff to resolve this issue asap :smile:


Hi, I’m on a Mac with Yosemite using Chrome Version 46.0.2490.80 (64-bit)

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Hey @Mowgli

Thanks for the information i think @cyberdave @callmevlad @bart will be able help you :smile:


I just tried Safari and I’m having the same problem.

Hello @Mowgli and @Ahmadz839

Thanks for reaching out and looking into this! :) I’m very sorry about the issue and I want to asure you we are aware of the problem and are working on a fix. I’ll let you know when I have some info! :)


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Same here. Occured a few hours ago. Same issue with background images. This is a very strange bug. Only when I refresh the editor it shows the new background color or new background image.

@callmevlad @cyberdave @bart

It doesn’t happen with all objects actually. But still with a lot, some div blocks, link blocks, etc.

Can you provide read only link?

Happens on multiple projects currently. A bit frustrating…hmmm
I send you a message with one projects read only link.

Here’s an example video of this bug. It’s driving me crazy today. Happens on all my sites.
Some changes (text color, background color, background images) are not visible in the editor, only on the pbulished site.


Having the same exact issue. When I change the background color of a section, the color doesn’t change. Its only happening to some of the sections for me, not all.

Hi, I’m using a free template and it seems to have 1000 bugs in it or I’m doing something wrong.

I try to change the colour of panels and I don’t see the change. Only when I publish and then preview does it appear??

My logo is also missing from navbar for some reason when I preview?

Especially with images in grey panels under top section. Don’t see the correct pics at all.


Guys, I know Webflow team working hard on fixing this bug and they are really close to solution. So please, just a little bit patience. Stay tuned.

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Hey everyone, sorry about this one! It’s related to elements that have interactions on them, and in some way touch dynamic styles. We’re pushing a fix as we speak (ETA 10 minutes), I’ll update this post when it’s ready to go. Thank you for your patience!

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@Mowgli @rowan @aftowers @dzgraphicdesign We’ve just pushed the fix - can you refresh and see if it’s still happening for you? Thank you!


Hey @callmevlad the update fixed the issue :smiley: Thanks for being awesome!

Waldo :slight_smile:


Thank you much better now. :smiley: