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[Resolved] Business Hosting limits?

I just added a Business hosting plan to one of my projects and for some weird reason I’m getting this message:

Previously I had no hosting plan. I reached out the 50 CMS items limit, so by adding an hosting plan I should now be able to add more than 50 cms items?..

I can share the preview link with the Webflow staff via DM.


send me the link. i’ll take a look :slight_smile:

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fixed :slight_smile:

Thank you!!
What was causing this?

Sorry for not explaining the issue. For some reason your hosting plan limits were still set to the CMS hosting and not the business hosting. I’ve refresh your projects’ plan limits which fixed the issue.


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Thanks again Nelson.

I’m now experiencing some slowness on the designer.
Any reported bugs on this matter?

Can you please post a new thread with detailed information since this is a different issue that the original post?