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[RESOLVED] Browser is too small

Your browser is too small. Resize your window to fit this media query.

Using a desktop, why is this popping up?

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Hi @apollo1392, make sure your browser zoom level is set to 100% or actual size.

it sounds like your zoom level in the browser view is greater than 100%.

​I hope this helps.



Zoom is at 100%
When you mention “View” are you referring to the browser or the web builder?

Hi @apollo1392, I am referring to the the browser window itself, it should be about 1400px wide in order to be able to view desktop viewport without getting the browser resize message.

Have you tried to expand your browser window?

Also, try Chrome, that is the recommended browser for Webflow, and see if you have the same issue.


Switched the resolution of my desktop to 1400 and up. Fixed the problem

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