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RESOLVE Error Horizontal scroll


I re-design my website and i have a Bug at the horizontal scroll i follow the tutorial on webflow but i didn’t work !!!

Can you tell me where is the problem

Here is my public share link:
(how to access public share link)

Please share your read only link. sorry

Thank you. Now please explain your problem in more details.

i make all the process from the tutorial, but my page “book” don’t run the horizontal scroll

OK, which tutorial did you follow?

this one

We may try to debug it but it is an older technique and I think it would be better if you tried this one.

ok i try this one thanks

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Let me know how it went!

ok thank for your help

can i use your link with CMS

I don’t see why not. Try it and let me know.

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it work awesome thank you

Great! Enjoy using Webflow!