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Resizing Video Help Please in Both Phone Modes

Hello it seems I have tried different ways to get Youtube Embedd video to fit in both the landscape phone and portrait phone modes… without success.

Is there anyone out there that can help me get this right? PLEASE

@bruceo, hey I first would move that video out of that container.

  1. Put it inside it’s own div wrapper. Then add flex; center, center.
  2. Add another div, sized with % to fit on all screen sizes (w-75%, h-100%)
  3. Next add the “Embed” element inside the second one

That will give you a responsive frame for the video.

@Bruceo - Video Div

HELLO Gary, thank you so much for the response… I have found a work around … it may not be the BEST solution next to yours… your suggestions look very very helpful…

Can you please take a peak at what I came up with and see if I am heading for disaster??? Technically I embedded the video iframe 2 Times of which I turned off the 2 I did not want to show and then resized the Iframe for the phone and looks like this works nicely on my phones…

If you think it will work I will leave it but if you think I am going to have issues I will JUMP on your answers…

What do you think Gary… you are awesome…

I will print your instructions for the FUTURE… Really appreciate your help …

Okay no that’s not a bad solution, it works. However, honestly for responsiveness, it’s really a good idea to work with %'s. Because of the mountain of devices, inevitably you will make adjustments. Your friend will call and say, “hey I just checked out your video on my phone and it was cut off on right, I rotated the screen and it was too big. I have a new LG.” If you add %'s for sizing, it will be 75% of any phone, then your chances of fitting on their screen drastically increase.

It works now, but consider down the road when you’re doing something else. Do you really want to go back and fiddle with video borders? :umbrella: It may be one of those days ahead… heehee.

GARY wow!!! Great HELP… I will always use your suggestions for Resizing Videos that are embedded… It took only a few seconds to FIX very happy with your help… LOVE IT… no more sweating on this issue !!!
OH are you part of the WebFlow Management or a really good expert in the community? BruceO


Whoo… ha no problem gad I could help!

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