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Resizing on different formats

Hello all, I hope you can help… again!

I’ve been away for around 5 weeks, so I’ve lost the “knack” of using web flow. As I recall, when you make a change to the desktop version, everything downwards is altered too. However, when I’m resizing an image on the mobile version, it’s also changing on the desktop version too. What is it I’m doing wrong? This is probably something really simple that I’ve forgot to do…

(I’m trying to make the “scroll down” icon smaller on the mobile version that it is on the desktop version)

Look forward to your help,

Thank you in advance,


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@magicmark - this actually happened to me too. you have to make sure you are styling it in the mobile viewport only. You can accomplish this by making sure you see the view port next to the class name (in green) and make sure you are styling it there.

If you can send a share link to you website I can include some screenshots to show you what I mean.


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You’re a star! :dizzy: insert star icon here :dizzy:

I noticed that when I was using the mouse to drag and resize, the actual size on the right panel was set to auto. Individually changing the width deselected that option. That’s great, I’ve managed it now!

Thank you Sean!


@markos84uk - glad you figured it out! you’re welcome.

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