Resizing images on "CMS Images" is it? or is it not?

Hi Guys,

This page is 74MB in total! Way to heavy!!!

its because the second tab under newslist is very avery long newslist…
i thought the resizing would be active on “CMS Images” but is it or is it not?

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The CMS doesn’t automatically resize images. You’ll need to do it yourself, using Photoshop or some simple online tool.

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Can anyone at Webflow answer if this is in the pipeline?

Hi @Koen,

You can check whether or not your images are responsive by hitting CMD+SHIFT+O on your keyboard. Or CTRL+SHIFT+O on your PC. You are using the responsive image feature …

Normal size.
Smaller size.

Still, you need to optimize your images …
I have attached your optimized images as a zip to this post.
With just two clicks, I can get all your images used down to 1,6mb total.
Download it here.


Thanks Karl! Is there a little trick do download alle images at once?

Hi @Koen

you just need to run this scroll down and click on “download optimized images”

If you want to optimize your other images, just past in another url. Its a quick n dirty way to optimize.
I hope that is what you meant because I didn’t quite understand the question.


Super! Didn’t know that we could download the images at Google Pagespeed!