Resizing background video element

Hi there,
Basically I’m trying to set my background video element to have a max w of 1000 px, the problem is that when I do this the video justifies to the left and I get the “background image” text peaking out of the right. I want the video centered and with black background.

I’ve tried placing it in a resized div, scaling it, adding margin, all with the same effect.

Any solutions to this?



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Hi @alex.eaves

Anything set as a background element, needs to be set in the background property box. Trying to do it from the parent Div won’t do because it’s in the background. The property box may take a little testing to get it the way you want, but it’s the way to affect that element directly. Use the position grid to move it around. The left and top can use increments after adding the position.


Hope that helps. See ya.

Hi Gary, thanks for the response. I don’t think I can use the background property box to edit the size of the “background video” element (unless I’m missing something). Any other thoughts?

Okay, post your read only link and I take a look.