Resize lightbox media

how can I set the lightbox media output size to bigger?

here’s a sample screenshot photo:


You cannot manually control the size of the lightbox image. You would need to upload a higher resolution image for it to display larger.


so basically it’s the image resolution that’s causing the small output? , because if i resize the image to higher resolution it will lose some clarity and will cause to blur image output.

is there any way to resize the lightbox, or any hack.?


I have just worked out a hack - which you can use, but I would recommend against. You can insert this code into the <head> part of your web page, obviously changing the ‘100px’ and 200px’ to your desired size:

.w-lightbox-image {
width: 100px !important;
height: 200px !important;

I would recommend against doing this however, as the image may appear distorted or poor quality. The best thing to do is to find a higher resolution image that displays larger. But this little code does the trick if you’re unable to use a higher res image!

I hope this helps!

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thank you for that.
I’m hoping this will work or I’ll just let the small one LOL.

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