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Resize Font size based on character count in CMS Item

I have an issue where text goes behind an image if it has too many characters.
I simply need to resize font based on character count.

I have a single line CMS text item.
I need to make it where if

25 characters = 25pt
40 characters = 20pt
55 characters = 16pt

For Example:

This Is Awesome = 15char = 25pt font
This Is an Awesome Pair of Pants = 32char = 20pt
Watch This Amazing Cat Wearing an Awesome Pair of Pants = 55char = 16pt

Note: I need something this: but I am unable to decipher the code. Where 1 lineheight text auto resize based on character count.

And this is also relevant: - but cant figure out how to assign it to a specific div block or font class name to work