Resetting interactions in a slider

Hey guys.

Happy new Year!

I’m trying to make a slider which has multiple interactions inside of each slide such as accordion drop downs.

However when navigating through the slides the interactions stay as I left them.
(e.g. didnt second click my trigger to close the interaction)

Is there a way of resetting the interactions to their initial states each time a slide is changed?

Another similar problem im facing is videos in slides.
They will contuinue playing if the slide is changed. Im guessing this has something to do with the video API rather than the slider function itself.

Just adding it in here incase someone has encountered something similar.

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There are triggers specifically for sliders/slides. You can use them to reset everything each time you open a new slide. Just carrefuly reset all the properties of all elements as you need them to be.

Ive found it.

Thanks for the help Vincent!

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Great, let me know if you succeeded with it.

Seems to be alittle glitchy when changing slides now.
Theres a slight animation which takes place for some reason.

Also due to the nature of 1st and 2nd click interactions, it doesnt actually help just bringin it back to inital state as the 2nd time you click it will close the accordion even though its closed due to the reset on slide out.

Ill try to find a way around it for now.

2 clicks IX have side effects, they can’t be reset… You have to use tricks and elements you make appear and disappear in front of others, to carry a second trigger with a second IX, and not use 2 clicks IX. 2 clicks IX, reserve them for simple things.

So it seems.
I need to rethink the design.
I thought there would be a more simple way of achieving the effect. Sounds alittle too complicated for me at the moment!

Thanks for your help.