Reset Web App on smartphone when quitting App

This is not really exclusively Webflow related, but I’m sure somebody in this awesome community knows this.

Anyway I created this little tutorial using After Effects (thank you Webflow, just in time) for my customer who wants to save it as a Web App on their consultants iPhone home screen. So far so good, this works and looks beautiful (it’s not supposed to be used outside smartphones).

But now they’re asking me if there’s a way that the underlying Webflow website resets to its initial state when quitting the “App” on the iPhone.

Right now if you quit the App (at least on iPhone) and restart, it just picks up where you left. So no way to get back to the home screen.

Does anybody know? I just can’t find anything online, but maybe I’m using the wrong search terms.

Haha, aren’t they?

I don’t see a solution without using Javascript. Here is a potential solution:

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