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Reset modal changes after it's closed

Hey everyone!
I’m trying to get the modal in my gallery to work right, and have stumbled upon an interesting issue.
How it’s set up is that when you click on an image in the gallery, it opens a modal with that image at the top, and 3 more images (other views) underneath it. I’m working on making the images below clickable, so that they will replace the image up top. I’ve gotten that working (kind of) with interactions.
But, when I close the modal, and click the same image again, the change doesn’t ‘reset’, and the image it stopped on is still the larger image.

Do I need to modify my modal interactions? Or can I change/do something different with the way the images swap?

For those who look at the site, there is only one picture that has the image swap interaction tied to it, and that’s the very final picture at the bottom of the page (should be a profile shot of a ring)

Thanks in advance!

Here’s my preview link:

And here’s the published page: