Reset embed video play within auto-rotate tab

Hi all,

I combined some code i found online with chatGPT and made an auto-rotate video tab slideshow as a hero project of the website. Everything works exactly how I want it to be but the video seems to be playing from where it was left at in the previous time it showed up. I want it to reset after each time it’s played so every time the same video appears it plays from the beginning and plays the same 5 second section every time.

Below is the code I used, any idea how i can make this happen? (for some reason chatGPT is useless…)

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Hello @zackwei, the Pixel Geek has a tutorial on exactly what you are looking for I would say though, rather than having all those tabs with videos playing in sequence, wouldn’t it be easier just to edit one video exactly the way you want? That way you only load one video too. I hope this helps!

Thanks for the reply @Pablo_Cortes , I’m just worried about the loading speed of the page, so rather than loading a 50s video when the page loads, just load one 10s video when the tab appears, so i’m assuming at least when the page first loads it should be faster. Am I overthinking and it’s not that big of a difference…(I’m using the Vimeo progressive embedding as well)

I see your point @zackwei but if it loads fast, specially if hosted in Vimeo, I think the one video solution is better. Also, from a UX/UI perspective, the chances are a normal user will only watch at the most 15-20 sec of a video before moving the next section, so maybe you are better off just having one medium length video. Anyway test and see what works better for you. Good luck!