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Reselect a class as an individual rule

I have created a basic container class called promoContainer. it has all the layout rules. I then create other classes called Blue and Grey, These contain the colouring and fidelity styles. Now i have added them all to the pages. I now decide i want to adjust the minimum height of PromoContainer. When i select any of the panels they have two classes added eg. promoContainer+Grey. So any rules i add, is added to those combination instead of a panelContainer meaning i have to declare the same rule twice (promoContainer+Grey and promoContainer+Blue)

Is there anyway to select the promoContainer on its own? at the moment i delete the second class apply the rules and then readd the second class which seams a little long winded.


Ps Great tool, we are in constant debate as to webflow vs Pinegrow :stuck_out_tongue: because with the inbuilt editor i could sort this problem in a couple of seconds

I found that if you go to the styles panel there is a sort of cascade button which when you click it shows all the classes individually :smiley:
So i guess its sorted now

Hi @waynedge, you found it out exactly :slight_smile: You can always style your class elements by selecting a parent or descendant element from the drop down list, and you will notice that if you go back to a parent class, those classes which are defined for the children are marked out, meaning, you cannot edit those children classes at the parent level… You can always edit a parent class css setting at the child level, which overrides the parent class. All css properties in the styles panel which are inherited from a parent class, have an orange color, and any css styles applied to the current element like blue and grey for example, would be shown in blue color.

Cheers, Dave