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Required functionality for my needs

Hello everyone!
Now I’m working on a beauty project for my client. We need to find an appropriate ready-to-use platform that can cover all our most important features, with some customizations and integrations if it is possible and necessary.

There are most required features with some description:

  1. Roles - in project we will implement 5-6 different roles (salon owner, worker, public user, administrator, super admin) and each role will have different options and sections (e.g salon owner has the “Staff management” section, but other roles do not have it). It looks like we have the same platform for users registration, but during this registration the user should choose the required own role in the system

1.1 Also, some roles will be subordinate to others (e.g. Super Admin controls other Administrators)

1.3 Some roles will be associated with other roles (for example, when salon owner hires any worker, but at the same time worker should have the possibility to work as an individual entrepreneur)

  1. Possibility to book appointment in which should be involved 3 roles:
  • public user initiates the appointment workflow with the selected salon

  • public user selects the exact salon worker to be serviced by him/her (that worker was previously hired by salon owner)

  1. Subscription - 2 out of 6 roles should pay the subscription (monthly/annual) to get full access to the platform functionality. Without these subscriptions these roles will have an access to the own profile but they will not be presented in the internal lists of specific roles (during the searching of any salon or worker)

  2. Payments - 1 role will pay for the processing of appointments.

  3. Forum - we need to have this special section in the portal where some users can post messages, discuss something, attach files. Some messages can be transformed into advertisements and it will be a paid option for those users. Forum is moderated by administrators, they can create, update, remove any Forum sections and subsections, as well as delete and update any messages/advertisements that were posted by other users on the Portal

  4. User and Portal management

  • Any administrator can block/unblock the accounts of any other registered users

  • Super admin can create/block/unblock/delete an administrator account

  • Super admin can set all subscriptions and payments settings, determine their duration and cost

  1. Integrations

7.1 Portal chat - it allows any user to communicate with any user in the Portal

7.2 Payment provider - processing any payments in the system, but we don’t want to store this data in the Portal DB (3rd-party provider)

7.3 Interactive map allowing users to see the geo-position of those users who have specified their position in there

7.4 Support service - any Portal user should send a message to Portal administrators and get an answer from them

Is it possible to use a Webflow for my needs or not? If not, could you guys recommend other platforms that can cover my needs?