REQ: Text fader (like news ticker)

Hey everyone!
I’m looking for a way to add a text ‘fader’ to my non-CMS site. I have some lines of text and I’d like one to fade in, then fade out, line 2 fades in, then fades out, line 3…etc

Is this possible and what element or code would I use to achieve this? It should have fade time parameter and needs to work on mobile platforms as well as desktop. My starting template is Metric.


Have you tried Interactions?

Hi samliew, thanks for your response.
I want this text to change on its own, not in response to a user interaction.
Is that possible with Interactions? (It’s not obvious from the title)

Also, it needs to transition between 3 or more states, not just 2.


Yeah I don’t see why it can’t be.

There is an “On page load” trigger you can use to start a looping interaction

Thanks so much, Sam!

I’m now using the Slider, but that has so many problems with alignment/truncation it’s ridiculous! :frowning:

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Animation was definitely the right way to build this. Thanks again for your help, Samliew.

You’re welcome. Do check out the rest of the tutorials in the help center.

Turns out the animation doesn’t scale for smaller screens. :frowning:

I moved back to a slider, but the animation is still in the project (just hidden)