Repost of Previous Reported Issue

I created this post 10 days ago and have not receive a response.

I am seeing this problem over and over. It just happened again.

This is not project related. It is a global issue. I have seen this issue on several projects.

I have already (in pm) provide a public - and a video of the issue happening.

The post has since closed… again - with no response.

Many of my site have upwards of 20 to 50 interactions.

Every time the designer disengages an interaction… I have to manually reset every single one.

Hey there Revolution!

This is @bartekkustra here :) Thanks a lot for pointing this bug. I assure you we are not dumping your feedback to bin - instead we’ve already created an issue in our system for this. We are aware of this bug, but it takes a while to solve it as it is more complicated than we thought.

Please be patient. I will personally take care of this issue and will get back to you once I have a solid solution. Also please point me to the topic that was closed with no answer. I will do my best this will never happen again.

P.S. You’re a bug hunter! :D Do you have any other bugs that you have found? If so could you list them here or post a link to topics in which they were discussed?

P.S. 2 Also please note, that I have hidden this topic and it’s only accessible though direct link.

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask me, I’ll do my best to help :)


Here is another video the interaction issue in process.

It’s happening on every page I have… 25 pages so far.

And I just fixed the issue yesterday. And the day before… and

actually… the day before that.

So that means I’ve fixed the issues 3 times… or 75 interactions worth.

Several of these are related to each other… but were in different times and different usage.

This one is a suggestion

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I will reproduce this today and fill issue report as well.

How did someone else see this post if it was hidden.

Thanks bart.

I was scheduled to demo this site to the client today.

I have 11 websites in process. This issue is occurring on every site.

I have an exported copy I can use today… but it is missing some features I had recently included.

In fact… the exported copy was already old… because Webflow trashed a newer version of my project. Literally deleted every page and displayed a “error binding ui message”.

vlad should already know about every one of these issues. He contacted me last week.

  1. We are investigating this issue. I didn’t manage to reproduce this error on any of my computers so far. Does it often happen to you? Maybe this is caused by one of your plugins? If problem still occures could you try clean incognito mode (disable all extensions in incognito mode)?
    Browser Freeze Issue

2. This seems to be an issue with the "empty.html" error you had in your original post here. We are investigating the issue and trying to find a reason behind it... Again, could you try with incognito mode and all extensions disabled?
3. We have this one filled in issue report.
4. Any chance you could reproduce this issue on quickcast and post in here?
5. Is this still occuring?
6. This is connected to interaction targeting classes not being updated. I will look into it as well.

Please note I have put those in a list 1 – 6. If refering to any, please note to which one so we don’t loose track of what we’re speaking :)

Also I want to make sure you know that we didn’t close those threads. They were inactive (no reply) for a while and got auto-closed. :/

I’ll try to reproduce each error I can while I still need you to reproduce those I asked with incognito mode with all extensions disabled. As soon as I know something I’ll let you know!

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