Replying to email of form submitter

So I tried using Zappier email to send a form reply email to the submitters email. But… zapier can’t forward the reply email to @outlook or @hotmail addresses. Gmail and other mails work fine though.

This is the answer I got from Zapier:

"Upon investigation, I discovered the above error is due to some conditions Outlook has set around the deliverability of Zapier emails. The IP isn’t fully blocked but may be subject to a lower daily delivery threshold as outlook seeks to establish a good reputation of the sending partner (Zapier mail server)

So to sum this all up, What you’re seeing with Outlook email domains is expected behavior and is controlled by Outlook directly.

If you will need to have heavy communication with Outlook email owners you might consider using another email app other than Email by Zapier within your Zap.

Please let me know if you have any questions!"

Anybody got a workaround zapier and microsoft mail?

Thanks for your help