"Reply-to" function for form submissions doesn't work correctly with Gmail Auto-Reply Filters


I have set up an email submission form on my website created with Webflow. I configured the “reply-to” field to receive the email of the person who registers. When I receive a submission, I have created a filter for the automatic reply based on the received email, indicating that the person has registered. So far, everything is working fine.

The issue I’m facing is that when I reply to the submission received emails, even though the “reply-to” field correctly displays the email of the person who registered, my replies are being sent to email addresses like “c4d18fc8.AVQAACUqp3EAAAAAAAAAARIE4yAAAAAAjncAAAAAABhTEABlBgHO@bnc3.webflow.com” and “24adf819.AWsAACb_8JMAAAAAAAAAARIE4yAAAAAAjncAAAAAABhTEABlBJ9B@bnc3.webflow.com.” As a result, the “Your registration has been received” emails are never reaching the individuals.

When I attempt to reply without using the filter, I receive the correct email address. I would appreciate your assistance in resolving this matter and ensuring that the automatic replies are sent to the correct email addresses.

Thank you.

Hi Esin,

I wouldn’t be able to guess without seeing, testing, and unpacking the filter settings you’re using. It sounds like somehow your filter is changing or affecting the reply-to setting on its messages.

However I wanted to caution you- it’s generally not advisable to use the reply-to feature with Webflow’s form notifications. The reason is that the unsubscribe link that was added in Sept 2022 is sent with those messages when you reply, and end users will often unsubscribe you from your own form notifications.

You won’t lose data- it’s still captured in the form history. But if your client is depending on those notifications, they’ll have problems.

You might look at a Basin instead. It has no unsubscribe link problems, and it also has built-in support for a separate confirmation email to clients, with different formatting. Very useful for GDPR compliance.

It will add a small cost, but we’ve found it FAR worth the added features.