Replicating Memberstack reviews marquee

Hi there, anyone have suggestions for how to replicate a looping marquee effect such as the “what others are saying…” section on the homepage of ?

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Horizontal scrolling - Vincent Template

Have a look at this template. It might help you finding your way

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Welcome @joajw!

You can have a look at the actual MemberStack Webflow site here:

@DuncanHamra of MemberStack might be able to assist with replicating this, also :slight_smile:


First off, I’m flattered you want to replicate a section of MemberStack :blush: and thank you @asksj!

I was going to make this section clonable for you, but it’s CMS data and won’t carry over. He’s a quick video instead:

Hope this helps!


@asksj @DuncanHamra brb crying. :sob: Thank you both SO much, this is incredibly helpful and I really appreciate your time in explaining the behind-the-scenes. I’m excited to try it out. Thanks again!