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Replicate this style of slider

Hi Guys, could anyone suggest how I might replicate this slider
As you can see the images don’t simply change you can see part of the other images on the left and right? Thank you

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi. This example almost the same but better (support touch gestures) - only add loop (wrapAround) & autoplay

See the license and the docs of this slider her:

How to implement this. Try to see how to combine webflow with fullpage.js, isotope.js, mixitup.js, slick.js, and other JS plugins (the idea is the same::: add the correct markup structure, add CDN .min CSS/JS to head/before bode (jquery already install by webflow), initialize).

In your case you the codpen and learn “how to”

** OR try to find another slider (slick, swiper and so on).

Thank you @Siton_Systems I will definitely take a look, but it looks a bit complicated, but I’ll give it a go!

I Hope in the future webflow slider will have more than one template. For now you must add custom code to get this idea.

Follow this steps:
add code in the head - (cdn.min)
add code before body (cdn.min + instilaze)
add markup structure (tree structure + classes + attributes)

Thats is (will work only on publish mode like any other custom code).

Jquery/custom code & Webflow - start by learning simple examples like this one:

the idea is the same also for mega JS libaries.

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Thank you again - I’m going to give it a go!

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