Replacing Click Funnels

Hi gang,

I’m fed up with Click Funnels and custom creating all my funnels on Webflow.

So far I’ve run into one issue which I have figured out a solution.

When I would duplicate my template page and make changes for the client version it would make changes on the template too (same classes)

I found someone in this forum who had a solution, duplicating each class and re-naming it.

This fixed my problem, and now I’m trying to think ahead of what other problems I could encounter.

So far I’ve thought of remembering to change form names… Can anyone else think of issues I may see, so that I can hopefully avoid them :slight_smile:



One thing that will be really helpful in Webflow is creating a style guide and labeling those classes for every new project.

I always regret it when I don’t.

All of my classes are named “Template + Element Style” and for each additional page it will be “Client Name + Element Style”

You do something similar?


I meant more for each element buttons, paragraph, sections, etc, but it might be so helpful to me, because of how big of a beating was when I ever wanted to change website design. It took me forever. Seems like you’re on the right path !

Any updates on your success replacing ClickFunnels? Would love to chat more in depth about this and pulling this off. Can share what I have been able to do as well.

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This is on my list to try myself. A multi-step page flow is not the issue, rather if there’s a sales element with the need to capturing one-click up-sells…that poses a challenge natively in Webflow as far as I’m aware thus far.

I didn’t end up using WF for this, but I just realized. I could make a CMS template and follow the same setup but with the clients info

Yes, this would be difficult for sure. Mine is primarily lead gen, so not as necessary

Would love to know which platform you ended up using? Thanks so much!

Hey guys! Im in same boat. I’m fed up with ClickFunnels, moving to Webflow. I realized that there was no way to offer one click upsells so I’m creating a way to offer one click upsells on any platform including webflow - check it out

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Nice one.
I am looking for a solution to this as well.

I mainly want one-click upsells, and the current best solution I can see with Wefblow is a Podia embed (I’m looking to sell digital downloads, courses, coaching).

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Perfect. It seems there is a high percentage of people who are looking for this solution. More and more people don’t want to use clickfunnels and replacing it with webflow.

Happy to have you join the private beta! Looking forward to your feedback once we launch!

do you have plans to offer order bumps too?