Replace website


A few days ago I designed a page that is active with hosting and own domain, but now I have another one with a new design in another project that I want to replace with the one I had.
Is there a way to do it?

Hi @Santi_Gili, I assume you are referring to the homepage and you want a new page as the homepage.

You can open the page settings and click the button as shown.

no no!!
I want to replace an old entire design with anothe that I’ve created in another project

thank you

Wrap all the page elements you’d like to bring over in an overarching div, then copy and paste that div into your other project.

thank you Adiggy,

the problem is that in the new project I have several pages and links that are lost when I copy / paste …

I want the page that I have online, with hosting and domain, to be replaced by the new one that I have designed in another project of my dashboard

It’s not possible to transfer hosting at the moment as far as I know. So the only way is to do what @adiggy has suggested.

thanks for your help and suggestions.
In the end they did it to me from the webflow’s support!