Replace used Classes


is its possible to replace a class into another class?
See my Screenshot. I use a margin_top_150 class and want to change this into the margin_top_120 class.
Actually i must delete all other classes first and must type this new.


Actually, I accidentally renamed a class in the middle (text_White) replacing it with another already existing class (text_Dark) and that didn’t rename the class but replaced it with the other class i.e. my white texts became black. So, I’m wondering what happened. Did I replace classes by renaming? because it seems I didn’t rename the class at all.
You might try that: rename margin_top_150 with margin_top_120 but i don’t know what other consequences it might have. Hope someone else can help us here.

Hi Anna,

thanks for your thoughts. Yes. I you rename a class you can rename it, but the value don’t change.
For example, if you rename the class “margin_top_150” from my screenshot into “margin_top_120” it will be only renamed but the margin value is the same.

And if you have another class which has the same name from your renamed class the chaos have exactly here his starting point .-)