Replace background video on mobile with image

Evening everyone,

What’s the best way to replace a desktop background video on tablet/mobile with an image please?

I am aware that autoplay doesn’t work on tablet/mobile and would like to have an image in place instead.

Thanks for your help in advance.


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You have to create two sections.
One with your video, one with your image.

Set your Hero for mobile to display none on desktop.

Then go to Tablet tab, and set your hero mobile to display.

From there, your hero mobile won’t display on desktop but will display for ipad and lower.

Now just display none the section with your video on tablet tab

And threre you have it !

Note that in my example i used a GIF which is nice to replace video sometimes for devices.

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Perfect, thanks so much @zbrah

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No problem ! If it solved your problem please check the “This replies solves my problem” so the Topic can me closed :slight_smile:

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