Replace a webflow custom website by a new one on the same domain

Hey there,

I need some confirmation as to how to publish an update of my website correctly.

  1. I have a website with webflow CMS plan and custom domain which is live
  2. I duplicated it to do some improvements and modifications. SO I have 2 webflow projects.
  3. I have kept the same slug and webpages architecture. However, I have additional pages.
  4. I now want to replace my first version of my website by the new one.

This is what I plan to do:

  1. Upgrading my draft (the new version of my site) to webflow CMS plan
  2. Linking my custom domain to the new website
  3. Publishing the new website to the custom domain
  4. Downgrading my old website to the webflow free plan

I don’t want to screw my SEO.

Am I thinking the right way?

Thanks for your help.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

That is the process.

RE:SEO if paths change you can do redirects as necessary. Other than that normal SEO applies.

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Many thanks for your help.
Much appreciated.