Replace a Site's Design with a New One

Hi! I’d like to know what the best solution is to this particular problem I have.
I’d like to redesign this one project I have that is already live (let’s call that Site v1). Site v2 is currently sitting in the wings, so it’s in the backend, unpublished. I have a Site v3 that I did as a totally different project. Eventually, I’ll publish Site v2 and overwrite Site v1, but now I have to figure out how to go live with Site v3 eventually, given that it’s a different project, hence not being tied to the site hosting plan I’ve already purchased for Site v1. What do I do? Thank you in advance!

Hi @Paul_Fieldwork and welcome to the community. TBH, this is quite a common occurrence. The ONLY you could do with v3 to use instead of v2 since it is a different project that you would like to be honest on the v2 plan is to reach out to Customer Support. They are the ONLY one who can move one un-hosted project to a currently hosted project’s hosting plan.

When you are ready to move to v3, just fill out the form through your customer support panel on the designer. Provide the name of the project you would like to use and the one you want to override.

Hope that helps, lmk if you need anything else, and Happy Designing,

Hi @QA_Brandon! Thank you! I know it’s not an ideal solution, but at least there’s a solution that’s not hack-y and is legitimate. Thank you! I’ll make sure to fill out the form and to indicate the URL of V2 that I want overridden by V3 (and V3’s URL).
Thanks again!

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